Press:    Trendhunter  :2013 Tyvek Vase   MoCo Loco  : 2013 Tyvek Vase    Dezeen  : 2013 Tyvek Vase   Core77  : 2013 Tyvek Vase
  Chair Morceaux,   stainless steel and reindeer fur   In Chair Morceaux  , different pieces come together to form a chair. To unify these separate elements, the connections between sides, seat, and back are visually apparent. The design is a result of dividing the chair into different components to explore the relationship between one another. The process involves considering how the sum of its parts comes together to form a pleasing aesthetic quality in its composition and proportion.
  Pretzel Table  , aluminum rod + vegetable tanned leather, 19in x 19in x 18in    Cursive script was designed to write quickly by hand. A single complex stroke becomes a connected sequence of words. The speed of the technique allows one to write without lifting the pen. The table uses leather, an already luxurious material, and juxtaposes it with the spontaneous lines of cursive script.     Pretzel Table was formed with a single aluminum rod covered with vegetable tanned leather. Once the curves have formed, the table was boiled into hot water which makes soft leather to become strong and rigid. A tension is created through the pairing of a traditionally crafted material with a process designed for efficiency, revealing an aesthetic based on a new way of making. The resulting form speaks to directly to the process of its production. In the end, the mix of color and form is reminiscent of Pretzels.   
 Press:   Core77  : 2013 Chair+Chair=Bench   Trendhunter  : 2013 Char+Chair=Bench